Your investment

For the Hermanus Varsity to be sustainable we require sources of revenue to supplement course fees and other income streams, going beyond conventional higher education models, our mission is one of social upliftment.

 First and foremost, your investment in the HVT is the means to ensure the future of this unique education venture.

By empowering individuals in our local communities through higher education options matched to employment opportunities you will:

Change the lives of individuals and communities

Enable the development of human capital in an area of South Africa with high unemployment and a lack of skills

Contribute directly to the vision and manifestation of education as an engine of social transformation

For individual donors, PBO status allows for tax exemption in terms of Section18A of the income tax act

Fundraising priorities

Student support

Access to higher education without success is meaningless. HVT will support students financially, based on pre-determined criteria. We will support the well-being of our students and through our tutors, we will support their academic journey. Ultimately we will link students with local industry to unlock employment opportunities.

Learning environment

The physical environment provides the context for learning and social interactions. These interactions lead to involved students, which help build community and vibrant communities contribute to student persistence and academic success.

Enabling costs

These are the direct costs involved in delivering the courses provided by accredited institutions that enable students to ’live and learn locally’. They include that of the HVT’s small paid administrative staff and executives, the day-to-day costs of running the organization and operating costs associated with the building and facilities.